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The WHC, Inc.

The original organization

In 1987 the original organization was launched as the WHC, Inc. Within several years such well known martial artists as Dr. Thomas Burdine, Dr. John Rubiano, Dr. Dan Grady, Dr. Karl Marx, Dr. Clement Riedner, Professor Wally Jay, Professor Florendo Vistacion, Professor Rick Boyer, Professor Gary Dill, and Professor Jim Arrasmith were members of the board. Since that time the organization has gone through several name changes and membership changes.

For 11 years the organization has functioned under the name World Headfounders Council. On the weekend of September 25, 1998, dr. John Williams, from Canada, the original Gunshi and creator of the WHC, due to new political ventures and aboriginal rights, relinquished responsibilities and leadership to Dr. John Rubiano, Youshiki-Soke of Rhode Island, USA.

Forming ISHH

International Society of Headfounders/Headfamilies

Under the direction of Dr. John Rubiano, Youshiki-Soke, the WHC members met to discuss new and potential changes planned for the organization. At that time it was unanimously decided that the WHC would become the International Society of Headfounders/Headfamilies (ISHH) to reflect the new direction and philosophy of the organization. Requirements for membership were established for associate members (those not qualified as Soke/Sigung). This includes memberships for Black Belts, Schools and Organizations to give them credibility.

On June 9th, 2003 at a meeting held in Leominster, MA between the ISHH executive Council and Dr. John Williams the founder of the original WHC, it was decided that Dr. John Williams would again and assist in the operation of theISHH both as a coordinator and investigator, to bring it into the new century, and that he would join Dr. Dr. Andrew Tamper / Doctor William VanCamp as he had family for all new Shodai Soke Daiyong-Sigung and Youshiki-Soke/ Xiadai-Sigung who would be admitted into the ISHH.

Since the Shodai/Daiyong-Sigung and Youshiki Soke/Xiadai-Sigung Will continue using the term “Soke” or “Sigung” Dr. Williams will assume the title Gunshi to distinguish his position from the Shodai-Soke and Youshiki-Soke. He will co sponsor while Dr. Andrew Tamper / Doctor VanCamp will continue to be addressed as Wizufu/Si Tai Si-Gung – in keeping with the Asian protocol both Headfamilies Dr. Dr. Williams and Doctor Tamper will no longer use any ranks to be associated with their martial arts position. All ranks will be used within the Shodai Soke/ Daiyong Sigung and Youshiki Soke / Xiadai-Sigung divisions.

Dr. John Rubiano

Chief Executive Officer

The executive council will still consist of the currently sponsored Shodai-Sokes / Daiyong-Sigung and Youshiki-Sokes / Xiadai-Sigung Whose responsibility involves the acceptance or rejection of all candidates who apply for recognition and accreditation. The executive Council is charged with the everyday operation of the ISHH. It is responsible for the administration process and the organization of the events or gatherings.

The chief executive officer is Dr. John Rubiano, Youshiki-Soke, who will interact directly with the two Gunshi / Waizufu On all matters concerning ISHH. He will chair the executive council meetings and appoint officers from within the board to oversee the everyday operation of the ISHH.

In keeping with the traditional values and goals of its fore founders throughout the ages, the ISHH is a growing organization that continues to foster future successes for individuals within the international martial arts community.

Procedures Formed

Each new Shodai/Daiyong and Youshiki/Xiadai to go before the examination board to formally present their art our school system. The examination board will consist of at least four members of the executive Council as well as at least one Gunshi/Waizufu who will sign the recognition certifications and present the candidate with his dojo/kwoon license.

Each new Shodai-Soke/Daiyong-Sigung and Youshiki-Soke/Xiadai-Sigung will be awarded a rank based on age experience in martial arts ranks already held. These ranks will not be cross grades! Ranks issued by the ISHH are signed by both Headfamilies and members of the executive council. Consideration will be given concerning respect of the Headfounders experience, background, and achievements, however, age plays an important role as well.

Naturally since the reputation of the Gunshi/Waizufu as well as the executive committee rest upon the actions of the new founders in their martial arts and related activities, these recognitions and ISHH ranks can be terminated for actions deemed counterproductive to the ISHH and those involved.

This makes the ISHH the only organization outside Asia that has the authority to sponsor new founders in keeping with traditional pre-Meiji Japanese protocol! To have one Headfamily give sponsorship is excellent but to have two is exceptional.

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